The Teddy Bears Rule. No 1

Bears find the perfect owner.

You have been warned....

I love Teddy Bears, I am not sure why, I can only guess as a child I played with the bears more than the dolls. I still have my very first Teddy who is actually older than I am, as she was bought before I was born! Her name is Tess.

As I have added to my collection over the years, I have been drawn towards the conventional teddy, I love the Steiff bears and have one on my pressy list!
Most of my cherished bears have been presents, they are precious for the memory and the bear.
On this site, I hope to share with you some of the best bears for sale, I have found at top toy shops who are all major high street names, for example Hamleys (great for Steiff). Did you know Steiff do a Sooty bear from the t.v programme Sooty and Sweep? and no he is not the one on my Christmas list! but he would make a good addition to my collection. I have a squeaky sweep from the 70's, sweep is not a cuddly and is made out of a thick plastic material with felt ears, but they would look good together!

A great place to find vintage Teddy's are good quality Antique and Collectors fairs. Most do not have makers names, but you can pick up a bargain if you know your subject, or just collect a particular bear.